The AccriCloud

AccriCloudThe AccriCloud is a dynamic hosting environment for Freedom websites managed by Accrisoft's system administrators. This level of hardware and software integration means greater reliability and performance for you and your customers, and it's available on all new Freedom licenses at no additional cost.

The machines making up this environment are under Accrisoft's complete control, which means we can easily monitor their performance, upgrade Freedom licenses or hosting specifications on the fly, and move sites around without changing DNS.

The hardware is state-of-the-art, with configurations highly optimized for Accrisoft Freedom. We’ve removed all of the hosting bottlenecks, and this level of power and control will greatly enhance the speed and stability of your websites.

All newly-ordered Accrisoft Freedom websites will be installed in the AccriCloud by default. If you're interested in migrating one of your existing Freedom sites, please send us a message letting us know.

Click here to view specifications for the servers that make up the AccriCloud.

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