Web Design & Development

Domain expertise

We are heavily involved in the nonprofit community and bring significant domain expertise and background knowledge of nonprofit organization operations to the table. We understand what you need and will work alongside you to achieve your goals.

Data Feeds

A data feed is a way of displaying up-to-date content on your website and are used to import data from an external source into your website. These data feeds can come from multiple sources, such as:

  • RETS
  • RSS
  • Job Board
Fully integrated solution

By providing a unified solution, Freedom Software™ unburdens your organization from the upkeep and maintenance of multiple software programs and logins and demolishes the communication barriers between departments, facilitating smooth communication, easier collaboration, and increased productivity. With its unified approach, Freedom™ empowers individual team members to complete tasks independently and more easily contribute to your unified vision.

Continuous upgrades

Freedom Software™ functions as a cloud-based subscription service, which allows us to deliver regular updates and software enhancements at a single monthly cost. By using Freedom™, your organization will be kept at the forefront of technology.

Membership Management & Data Migration

Data Reconciliation

Freedom™ software brings together all your data from different software applications and organizes it under one unified roof, which eliminates countless wasted working hours inputting duplicate data. After completing a data import, a Checksum report is created next to provide summary information on the data that has been imported (e.g. how many members are in the contact database, how many events are in Events Module, multiple accounting metrics, etc.). We will continue to run Checksum reports after each data import to ensure that the data has been imported correctly.

Data Purifier

This database management tool allows you to resolve data conflicts (such as duplicate entries), approve or deny changes to member records, restore previous versions of member profiles, import/export data, and archive old data.

Digital Marketing

Email Marketing

Our powerful email marketing platform allows you to develop productive campaigns and reach thousands of people with the click of a button.

  • Schedule and track email campaigns
  • Send unlimited emails to members and subscribers each month, and schedule one-time or recurring messages
  • Create and manage multiple email lists
  • Manage subscribers and allow subscribers to customize their email preferences
  • Build custom email templates with drag and drop editing
  • Use A/B testing to compare the success rates of different subject lines, send times, and senders
  • View analytics, including opens, clicks, and bounces
Call to Action

The Call to Action module is an accessible, non-technical button builder. Design your own call-to-action buttons, place them anywhere on your website, and track how many clicks each receives.

Social Media

The Social Media module seamlessly integrates with your website and makes it easy to share and post content to various social media platforms. Automatically post messages to your social networks when activities take place on your site. For example, whenever you add a news article to your website, a custom message containing a link to the article can be automatically posted to Facebook.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the process of generating traffic to your website via search engine results. We understand that it is critical to be a dominant force online  and will put your website in the top ad spots for related Google searches.


Harness the power of Google Analytics and view a full report of your website’s performance with the Website Analytics Dashboard. This module pulls in data from other Freedom™ modules and summarizes the complexities of Google Analytics into a dashboard that anyone—from the president to an intern—can understand. Data include, but are not limited to:

  • Website visits
  • Traffic sources
  • Monthly/quarterly traffic comparisons
  • Email campaign reports
  • Top webpages viewed


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