Sales Application

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Manage all of your sales leads, deals, and fundraising campaigns through a single application—the Accrisoft Freedom Sales Application. You’ll have access to analytics, planning, and integration with the marketing application to push your sales to the next level.

Learn about each of the modules below


This module allows you to create new leads, set custom stages, and track the entire sales process from start to finish. For each sales lead, you can select any deal type (membership, non-dues revenue, etc.), set close dates and percentage to close, and create next steps to be assigned to sales reps.


The Donations module makes it easy to create custom donation forms, view submissions, receive email notifications, manage multiple campaigns at once, and process payments. You can display each campaign’s progress on your website with a customizable donation thermometer.


If you work with third parties to promote your organization’s products on their websites, you can use the Affiliates module to track visits and pay commission.

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