Our Story

Accrisoft Corporation, the developer of website and membership software, strives to empower underserved membership-based organizations. Accrisoft’s mission is born of the passions and vision of founders Jeff Kline (CEO) and Mark Zeitler (CTO) and is the culmination of their leadership and experiences in the business, technology, and community service sectors.

After selling his previous company, Jeff strove to create a new company and to give back to his community. He succeeded in accomplishing both, founding Accrisoft Corporation in 1998 while working with non-profit organizations within his community. In the early days of the company, Jeff met Mark, a software developer and chief architect of three successful software programs who was returning from a stint in Silicon Valley. Mark felt that he could apply his past software experience to developing Accrisoft into a formidable product. Together, they envisioned Accrisoft Freedom™ as a website/content management software program and spent the first eight years solidifying the product. After developing and maturing the Website Application, they then shifted their focus to creating the Marketing application. In the Marketing application, Accrisoft incorporated email marketing, blogging, social media integration, and a marketing analytics dashboard.

During this time, Jeff continued working with non-profit organizations, serving on several boards and providing website design and support as an in-kind service. Through these experiences, he realized that these organizations were quite underserved from a software and technology standpoint. He recognized their need for functionality that only expensive software could provide and only for-profit entities could afford. This realization profoundly impacted Accrisoft’s approach, and the company refocused its development efforts to better meet the needs of these organizations.

As the customer base grew, other needs emerged. Customers consistently expressed their frustration with their membership management software. They encouraged Accrisoft to broaden its scope by creating software that could meet their membership-management needs. Accrisoft hesitated to shift in this direction, knowing the high levels of customer dissatisfaction with previous software applications and the company’s desire to deliver a quality product and a great user experience. The company listened, however, and through conducting many customer interviews, developed a solid understanding of customers’ membership- /event-management, billing, and sales needs. Through this process, Accrisoft became increasingly confident in its position to develop a unique, total software solution to meet these needs. The company proceeded to create Operations, Finance, and Sales applications and add a robust mobile app component. Freedom™ now includes membership, website, marketing, finance, event, and sales functionality, uniting organizations and departments under a single platform and facilitating more collaborative, communicative, harmonious work.

Hundreds of membership-based organizations now use Freedom Software™ to empower their staffs and engage their members

What is Freedom Software™?

We at Accrisoft Corporation are proud of the product we have built.

Freedom™ is a total, unified web-based software solution built for your nonprofit. With Operations, Finance, Website, Marketing, and Sales applications, Freedom™ enables your organization to more effectively manage membership data, track member accounts and payments, run detailed reports, promote new membership, manage customer interaction, and much more.

Freedom™ also promotes communication, collaboration, and efficiency within your organization. By providing a unified solution, Freedom™ unburdens your organization from the upkeep and maintenance of multiple software programs and logins and demolishes the communication barriers between departments, facilitating smooth communication, easier collaboration, and increased productivity. With its unified approach, Freedom™ empowers individual team members to complete tasks independently and more easily contribute to your unified vision.

Freedom™ also affords your organization and members increased flexibility. By providing access through any web-enabled device, including smartphones, Freedom™ engages young professionals and future leaders, allowing reliable access through familiar methods at a moment’s notice, regardless of time or place. This increased accessibility and flexibility promote not only collaboration and productivity within your organization but also member engagement, attraction, and retention.

In short, Freedom™ is a total software solution designed to meet the needs of each department within your nonprofit. This total yet easy-to-use software solution unifies your organization, empowering your team to manage all day-to-day operations, and enriching your members’ experiences through innovative technology.

Who We Are

Our Core Values

We are proud of the values we champion and the cultured we have fostered.

We are working in the fastest-moving industry ever known to humankind. The only way to stay at the forefront of the web is to continually evolve our business. This evolution means embracing new technologies, developing new skill sets, innovating existing products, and creating new ones.

Our core values—who we are—are not subject to the technological wave, however, and will never change. We will forever maintain our dedication to the “Four Cs of Accrisoft”: a commitment to excellence, consideration to the individual, the customer is royalty, and common ethics. We are pleased to share these values and encourage you to explore them further.

We continuously strive to achieve and maintain the highest level of performance.

It’s about striving for perfection. While we know there are always complications and bumps along the road, we work towards perfecting our products and services to serve our customers better. This commitment means renewing ourselves in this pursuit every day, knowing we will renew ourselves again and continue our pursuit tomorrow. Though perfection may not be attainable, striving for anything less is a compromise we will not make.

Our people and their ideas are the company’s greatest asset.

We value and respect every member of the Accrisoft team, and we provide every individual with the utmost consideration. We encourage a spirit of cooperation and collaboration, knowing that we are better when we work as one and that our people and their ideas are the lifeblood of our success. This mentality extends beyond our walls, moreover, and we treat not only our customers but also our business partners and competitors with this same respect and consideration.

Our company’s sole purpose is to serve the customer.

A servant mentality is embedded within the DNA of the company. This is why we place the customer at the forefront. We understand that we would not exist if it weren’t for our customers, and the desire to meet their needs propels us forward. We place them atop our organizational chart, knowing that if we can meet their needs, their organizations and communities will be better for it.

We conduct business at the highest level of integrity and honesty.

Integrity, honesty, and relationships are paramount to us. In our interactions within the office, with our customers, and with our competitors, we conduct ourselves and our business with the utmost integrity, honesty, and respect. This means that if we say it, we mean it and if we promise it, we will deliver it. If we cannot conduct our business with the highest level of honesty and integrity, we will not conduct our business at all. 

Our Culture

These values construct the core of our company. It is our passion for these values and our love for the work that create our unique company culture. Our commitment to excellence in this high-tech environment necessitates that we work at a rapid pace, continually innovate, remain goal oriented, and continue to grow. The importance we place on valuing and considering every individual encourages us to foster an enthusiastic, energetic, and fun environment in which all employees can explore ideas, succeed, and grow through their accomplishments. Our belief that the customer is royalty leads to our customer-centric, sales- and service-driven practices and environment. Our common ethics mean that we operate professionally and with honesty and integrity in all encounters and that we foster positivity in all professional relationships.

We strive to work with people and organizations that share our values and want to contribute to our positive company culture.


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