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People are the core of every organization...so it only makes sense that people are at the center of our membership management software. The Accrisoft Freedom Operations Application lets you keep track of your members and events on a platform that integrates seamlessly with your website, marketing, and payment processing tools.

Learn about each of the modules below


This module allows you to create and build out member profiles, track their activity, and manage levels of website access.

The People module also has an advanced, non-technical report builder that allows you to create custom reports by filtering on predefined and custom fields. You can sort by date range, generate autototals, and use inline editing to easily to modify fields. Custom reports can be saved as Favorites and pulled up anytime from the Report Manager.


Our software enables parent/child relationships, which means you can assign individuals within the People module to specific Companies. This modules delivers all of the same reporting and data-tracking functionality as the People module. You can also grant administrative rights to allow individuals to manage company profiles, which can be displayed in a business directory on the website.


This module integrates with Google Groups and provides a communication platform for your committees, staff, board members, or other groups. Group members can communicate with one another through an email listserv.


The Membership module is a powerful platform for tracking how members are engaging with your website and organization. A membership timeline shows every interaction, starting with a person’s join date and including information such as dues paid, events attended, and purchases made. You can closely track how many times a member has logged in, whether they’ve accepted any benefits, how many views they’re getting on the business directory, etc.

This module also allows you to set up an automated dues process—you can build registration and renewal forms, set tiered pricing, and enable automated renewal reminders. You can manually renew, suspend, or expire members, as well as modify their rates.


Our Events module makes it easy to create custom registration forms to display on your website. You can set up one-time or recurring events and provide multiple ticket types (for example, member, non-member, earlybird, sponsor). Your members can register for multiple events at a time, and you can provide them with automatic email reminders. This module also allows you to accept registration payments and view attendance reports.

Check In

This module provides your staff with everything they need to be successful at the door of an event. It displays perfectly on a mobile device and enables staff to view registrant lists, see whether or not they prepaid, check in attendees, and add new registrants on the fly.

Data Purifier

This database management tool allows you to resolve data conflicts (such as duplicate entries), approve or deny changes to member records, restore previous versions of member profiles, import/export data, and archive old data.


The Projects module is a full-featured, web-based project collaboration and management tool. It allows admins to create, customize, and keep track of projects, to-do lists, and completed work. Transitioning from other project management systems is easy, and the Projects Module can import projects from Basecamp®.

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