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Total Software Solution for Nonprofits

How Freedom Software™ Can Help Your Organization

We provide a total software solution that can empower your nonprofit to serve your members better. Our software spans across your association's marketing, membership, sales, and finance departments, allowing your entire staff to work together on a single platform in perfect harmony. The unifying effect of Freedom Software™ removes productivity barriers and frees up your team to focus on its primary goal—providing the most value to your members. One of the ways we do this is through our membership management software.

Another way to provide value is to create an engaging, interactive web experience. While your website serves as the face of your organization—as the first point of contact for the general public—it also functions as the hub of membership activity. Our content management system (CMS) makes it easy to create web pages, menus, forms, call-to-action buttons, blog posts, and more, all of which engage members and allow them to extract the most out of their web experience.

Have a problem? Freedom™ provides the solution.
  • A dated website might push away members.
  • Our software gives you the freedom to update your website and create the best user experience at any time.
  • Unintegrated technology leads to unoptimized staff time and missed leads.
  • Membership, sales, finance, and marketing tools are fully integrated under one roof, which minimizes wasted time and facilitates increased productivity.
  • A negative user web experience can hurt membership.
  • Accrisoft provides excellent website designs focused on the user experience and the latest design trends.
Why Choose Us

With the robust functionality of Freedom™, your organization can craft a beautiful, interactive website that serves your organizational needs and engages your members with news articles, blog posts, surveys/polls, audio/visual content, member-generated content, member profiles, and more. Further, our MMS provides your staff with the tools it needs to manage your members: build detailed member profiles, send emails to committees, process dues payments, and more.

Our fully integrated mobile application makes it even easier for members and employees to interact with your organization from the palm of their hands, appealing especially to the millennials and Z Generation members poised to dominate the workforce soon. By keeping members happy and engaged, you will not only maintain existing members but attract new members, growing the reach of your organization one person/business at a time.

Why We Work with this Market

Accrisoft is uniquely equipped to meet the needs of all member organizations, and we have a passion for doing so. We have been working with non-profit organizations to provide beautiful, robust websites and membership management software for more than a decade. We continue to work with charitable organizations, trade associations, synagogues, churches, museums, and more. Our software is flexible enough to meet the specific needs of these organizations, regardless of their size. We believe they deserve the best customer service and technology support, and we strive to provide just that.

To see some of the organizations we work with, check out our portfolio!

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