Santa Rosa Chamber Partners with Accrisoft to Create Five Websites

Published Friday, February 29, 2008 7:00 am

February 29, 2008 (Boca Raton, FL) Accrisoft Corporation, a leading provider of web empowerment software and Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings, announced today that the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Accrisoft to recreate its website,

In addition, the Chamber is using Accrisoft Freedom™ web empowerment software to update the Santa Rosa Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) site and create three new sites—the Santa Rosa Young Professionals Network site, the Santa Rosa Green site, and the Santa Rosa Culinary Tourism site.

The Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce's goals are to power the economy in the Santa Rosa region and lead business growth and member success. The Santa Rosa Chamber supports 1,100 members with a staff of nine full-time and eight part-time employees and more than 300 volunteers. The Chamber provides programs that support new and existing industries and promote tourism, conventions, and meetings.


Santa Rosa, which is located just 55 miles north of San Francisco, offers a unique combination of vineyards, farms, redwood forests, rivers, lakes and ocean, along with a charming and thriving downtown area lined with shops and restaurants. Given the area's unique appeal, the Chamber works to cultivate a positive economic environment, while monitoring key business and community issues that affect these local businesses.

Recognizing the instrumental role that a fully-featured website plays in achieving these goals, the Chamber decided to design, structure, and launch its new official website, along with four affiliated sites as part of a major rebranding campaign. The first phase of the multi-site project concluded January 15, 2008.


The main site was updated to include more dynamic, interactive features and to provide a virtual online community where members can go to network and build relationships. With the new Accrisoft powered website, internal stakeholders can simplify administrative and content management processes. The Santa Rosa Chamber also launched the new Santa Rosa Green and Young Professionals Network websites in January.


"To the best of our knowledge, the Santa Rosa Green website is the first of its kind in the nation," states Marketing and Public Relations Manager, Kelly Bass, "it is a website dedicated to green business that we created to provide local businesses with resources to become more environmentally sustainable. It's a forum where people can share ideas about conserving water and energy, minimizing waste, reducing vehicle miles and linking to resources on city, county, and water and energy-saving sites."


Bass continues, "We created the Young Professionals Network site to engage young professionals and provide a virtual community where they can network and learn about upcoming events. The Young Professionals Network Chamber is a division within the chamber that has its own membership organization and events. Now it has its own website too."


Two more Chamber-affiliated websites are expected to launch in April. These include a refreshed Santa Rosa Convention and Visitor's Bureau website and a new Culinary Tourism website.  Bass will supervise all five sites, although daily management of the CVB website will be managed by the CVB staff.


Deciding factors


In its search for a website development and content management software platform, the Santa Rosa Chamber launched a rigorous selection process, evaluating several vendors, including local website companies and national chamber website companies. "We wanted the right software partner. It was important for the Chamber decision-makers to work with a company that could provide the right combination of technology, expertise, and most important, a shared vision for delivering what their members need.


"The biggest thing was that we really wanted a system that would allow us to bring the content management in-house," states Bass. "Previously, we could do minor changes ourselves, but if we wanted to add pages we had to rely on an outside company. Now we can do it all, and if a Chamber division wants to add more content, update information or post events to the site, they can do so."

Bass adds, "We chose Accrisoft Freedom because it is a fully developed website development and content management system focused on the special requirements of business associations like chambers. We really like the fact that Accrisoft Freedom offers a simple, easy-to-use content management system at a competitive price, and that Accrisoft offers expertise in Chambers.


Another critical factor was the fact that Accrisoft had an existing relationship with our database company and the software links to our database software. That was key. Now, whenever we need to add or drop a member, we make the change in the database and the membership directory on our website automatically updates."

According to Accrisoft President and CEO, Jeff Kline, "Chambers represent a special area of expertise for Accrisoft Corporation. We are constantly refining our offering for this important market to help Chambers develop web strategies and optimize their websites to maximize their resources and better serve their members. We are excited to welcome the Santa Rosa Chamber to the Accrisoft family of Chamber customers."


Industry-leading Accrisoft Freedom web empowerment software provides a versatile yet cost-effective web platform for chambers and other non-profit organizations that want to transform a cost center into a revenue-generating tool. To find out more about Accrisoft Freedom, visit or call 1.888.965.3330, extension 120.

About Accrisoft Corporation. Accrisoft is changing the rules when it comes to creating, building, and maintaining websites that increase profits, enhance productivity, and improve communications. With Accrisoft Freedom™ web empowerment software™, organizations of all sizes can easily and cost-effectively capitalize on the commercial power of the web. Call 561.988.2516 or visit today.


About the Santa Rosa Chamber. The Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce is the leading organization dedicated to the success of business.  The Chamber provides programs that support new and existing industries, promoting tourism, conventions, and meetings, while working to cultivate a positive economic environment and monitor key business and community issues that affect local business.  For information, call Kelly Bass at 707.545.1414 Ext 16, visit, or email
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