Freedom version 9.4 Has Been Released

Published Thursday, May 1, 2014

We are proud to announce the release of Accrisoft Freedom version 9.4. This new version includes many new features, including a new Silver Interface for digital marketing and three new modules: Shortcuts, Landing Pages and JavaScript.

Updates and enhancements have also been made to many other parts of the system, including to the File Manager, where we have merged it together with the best features from the Image Manager. Users can now organize their images into folders, but the system automatically creates four different sizes of each image behind the scenes.

There are user interface enhancements as well, including a new module and interface switcher, a new color scheme for the HTML editor, and a new Toolbar module for adding and configuring modules in the other interfaces.

Finally, a new Accrisoft Freedom Training Forum has been created. This is designed to be a training and technical forum, where visitors can learn how to use Freedom and have their technical questions answered.

To learn about everything that’s new in 9.4 visit

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