Freedom version 8.8 Released

Published Thursday, July 18, 2013 12:00 pm

Sarasota, FL -- Accrisoft Corporation has announced the release of the latest version of Freedom CMS, its content management system for digital agencies and web developers.

The new release focuses on making it easier and more efficient to build websites, with the addition of a new feature called Display Type Settings. Also included are improvements to Email Marketing and general enhancements.

"For years, we’ve been trying to find ways to make it easier and more efficient to build websites," said Mark Zeitler, Accrisoft’s Chief Technical Officer. "With Display Type Settings, we’ve found the answer. It’s possible to create much more powerful, reusable templates, and to build sites by writing very little HTML. We think once our customers see how it works, they’ll be very excited."

Updates to the Email Marketing module focus on improving the deliverability of campaigns. In addition to integration with third-party email delivery systems, Freedom adds a new Blacklist tab that more effectively manages the list of people who should not be included in future campaigns.

Other enhancements include a new Domains module to let Freedom administrators set up domains and aliases on the server, and updates to the Lead Nurturing module, which allows for inbound marketing.

"The theme of this release might be the expanding of the user’s abilities," said Mr. Zeitler. "Whether it’s the option of a third-party email system, allowing the user to make important changes to the server for connecting domains, or building more powerful and flexible websites, this release is about empowering users. We’re very excited to unveil it."

Freedom CMS version 8.8 is available now from Accrisoft’s global network of Solution Providers. To learn more about this release, visit

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