Freedom 10.2 is Now Available

Published Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Accrisoft Freedom version 10.2 is now available for all Freedom websites. This new release offers many enhancements and new features for Freedom users.

Membership views, which were released in Freedom 10.0, which give users the ability to build fully-custom reports on membership data and save them as custom “views,” have been significantly enhanced in 10.2, with new filter criteria, the ability to resize columns, and the ability to email the members in a saved view in the Email Marketing Module.

Users can also edit Membership data more easily with inline editing, a feature that lets users modify data directly in the main list of members, rather than having to edit the individual records one at a time.

The new Companies Module enhances the tracking of companies and individuals, improving Freedom’s parent/child relationships. The Companies Module interacts with all of the same modules as Membership, such as Events, Billing, Support Tickets and Email Marketing.

Lead Nurturing is more accurate in version 10.2. It tracks website visitors more accurately, including when visitors visit the site from multiple computers.

Freedom also offer e-commerce tokenization through CIM integration. This technology stores customer information on’s servers, and when a transaction takes place, only a “token” is transferred, rather than the actual credit card information. This means better PCI-DSS compliance and enhanced security.

This new version also has new interface tabs across the top toolbar for switching between Freedom’s interfaces. These tabs were designed to enhance clarity and usability, and make it clear to users what each interface is used for.

Accrisoft Freedom version 10.2 is available now, and is recommended for all Accrisoft Freedom websites. Click here to learn more.

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