Announcing the Release of Freedom 10.0

Published Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Accrisoft is proud to announce that the latest version of Accrisoft Freedom, 10.0 is now available! This new version includes a new, responsive user interface, enhancements to the Projects Module, and a new feature called Membership Views, which gives users the ability to sort, filter and customize their membership lists.

The new user interface not only gives Freedom a modern look; it’s also fully responsive, meaning that the interface will resize itself in a way that keeps it usable—with legible text and clickable buttons—on any device.

With the new interface update, The Projects Module is easier to use than ever before, with a dashboard for each project, and clearer organization of information.

The Membership Module is a central part of Accrisoft Freedom, and in 10.0, changes were made to make it easier to use. Two functions of the module, restricting access to member accounts, and restricting other portions of the website, were moved into their own, separate modules, called MyAccount and Web Access.

New functionality was added to Membership, as well. Users can now build custom views — by Selecting, Ordering, and Filtering their member data, to see only the information they need. Users can save views to look at later, and download them as spreadsheet reports.

Finally, significant optimizations have been made to the software, resulting in faster load times. In conjunction with the latest optimized Accricloud servers, most users will experience a more than 100% increase in speed and responsiveness.  

Freedom 10.0, which is available now, is recommended for all websites. To learn more about this release, visit

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