Announcing Freedom version 8.4

Published Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sarasota, FL -- Accrisoft Corporation has announced the release of the latest version of Freedom CMS, its content management system.

This release, focused primarily on upgrading Freedom’s commerce system, makes it easier for administrators to do things like create products, set up SKUs and options, set up shipping with various carriers, create coupon codes and discounts, integrate with online payment processors and track orders.

The biggest change is that users now have the ability to completely customize the HTML layouts for the entire checkout process.

"This Commerce-based release is really about usability," said Mark Zeitler, Accrisoft’s Chief Technical Officer. "There wasn’t much that our commerce system couldn’t do in the past, but it wasn’t always easy to understand or set up. In the process of developing this release, we went through countless use cases, and really streamlined the process of setting up a commerce system, making sure every option is as simple as possible for a new user.

"Sometimes small changes can make a big difference, like moving the product catalog within the Commerce module, or changing the labels for certain options, or just reordering things a little bit so they’re as clear as possible. We feel that in this version, new Freedom users will be able to confidently set up a fully-functional e-commerce system to sell products and accept payments."

In addition to commerce functionality, this version introduces drag-and-drop reordering, automatic email notifications, embedded forms, enhanced email opt-out lists and enhancements to the Lead Nurturing module.

Freedom 8.4 is now available from Accrisoft’s global network of Solution Providers. To learn more about this release, visit

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