Announcing Freedom CMS Version 9.0

Published Tuesday, September 24, 2013 11:30 am

Sarasota, FL -- Accrisoft Corporation has announced the release of the latest version of Freedom CMS, a content management system for digital agencies and web developers.

This new release focuses primarily on expediting the deployment of websites and making it easier for companies to enhance their internet marketing efforts.

This version introduces features such as a new Reputation module for managing a company’s web presence, an enhanced reporting system that allows for trending data and graphical dashboard reports, and a better templating system for sharing and installing fully-functional templates.

"Templates are critical to optimizing a website development project and scaling a business," said Mark Zeitler, Accrisoft’s Chief Technical Officer. "We’ve continued to refine a feature we added in the last release called Display Type Settings, which makes it possible to build templates in such a way that with a few great base templates, you can build hundreds of websites without writing much HTML. This idea is at the heart of building a profitable digital agency, and we’re excited to show it to our customers."

Also debuting in this release is a new Content Mapping module, a tool to let users inventory their website’s content. Designed to be used with websites under development, it lets users set a completion percentage for each piece of required content, and assign to-do items to coworkers so nothing slips through the cracks.

"We asked our customers what part of the website development process causes the greatest delays, and they told us that getting all of the required content together is usually the most time-consuming part of the entire development life cycle. Often companies aren’t clear on exactly what content their site needs, or who is responsible for each piece. Our Content Mapping module is a great step in this direction, because it eliminates that confusion."

Freedom CMS version 9.0 is now available from Accrisoft’s global network of Solution Providers. To learn more about this release, visit

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