Announcing Freedom CMS Version 8.6

Published Wednesday, April 24, 2013 9:00 am

Accrisoft Corporation has announced the release of the latest version of Freedom CMS, its content management system for digital agencies and web developers.

The new release focuses on e-commerce and general usability, making it easier to build customized shopping carts and Freedom sites in general.

"We're confident that this is the best Freedom release ever," said Mark Zeitler, Accrisoft’s Chief Technical Officer. "We’ve been listening closely to customer feedback following the last release, specifically relating to setting up ecommerce, and their input has been invaluable in driving the development of our software."

The Commerce module has been refined following the all-new implementation added with Freedom CMS version 8.4, which saw the introduction of a fully-customizable checkout process incorporating Freedom’s Forms module.

The Commerce module now makes it easier to set up Google Analytics e-commerce tracking, PayPal payments and embeddable shopping carts.

In addition to e-commerce functionality, the new release focuses on making the system easier to learn and use.

"Another thing we’re very excited about are the tutorial videos throughout the system. On many screens, users will see a 'Video Tutorial' button, which they can click to watch a video explaining that screen and how it works. We think this will significantly reduce the learning curve for new users."

Other features include a redesigned system-wide notification system, and improved Social module for social media integrations, and an expanded Tools module with information and tips on effective search engine optimization and digital marketing.

Freedom CMS version 8.6 is available now from Accrisoft’s global network of Solution Providers. To learn more about this release, visit

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