Announcing Accrisoft Freedom v8.0

Published Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Accrisoft Corporation is excited to announce the release of the newest version of Freedom CMS, a content management system for building and managing dynamic, database-driven websites.

This version features a redesign of the user interface, focusing on intuitiveness and simplifying the way users interact with the software, whether it’s managing files, selecting an item from a list or working in multiple browser tabs. Email marketing received a significant overhaul, as did the Statistics and File Manager modules.

“In this release, we took a careful look at exactly how people were using our system to do things like upload large numbers of files or send out email marketing campaigns,” said Mark Zeitler, Accrisoft’s CTO. “Rather than expect people to adapt to limitations in the software, we rebuilt the software to conform to the way that people really work. We think they’ll be very pleased with what they find in 8.0”

In addition to many new features, usability was a focus for this release. “It’s the little things that I’m the most proud of,” said Mr. Zeitler, “such as the new module launcher, which makes it easy to start any module with just a few keystrokes, or the redesigned interface with infinite scrolling. It’s things like this that give people a positive experience when using our software.”

Also new to Freedom in this version is the Entry package, a simplified version of Freedom costing $1.95 per month. This is joined by the Social package at $19.95 and Unlimited at $195. All packages include Accrisoft-managed hosting and support. In addition, the Social package now includes the Photo Albums, Blogs and Social modules. Click here for a full rundown of all of the new features.

Accrisoft Freedom CMS Version 8.0 is available immediately through Accrisoft’s global network of partners. For additional information, contact Accrisoft at or (866) 980-6333.

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