Accrisoft Corporation Announces the Release of Accrisoft Freedom Version 6.8

Published Tuesday, December 14, 2010 7:00 am

Accrisoft Corporation announces the release of version 6.8 of its Freedom web-empowerment software to the public.

Freedom version 6.8 provides users with a cutting-edge suite of features and enhancements, allowing users to take even greater advantage of Freedom's news, blog, commerce, and forms capabilities.

Additionally, the Events module has acquired a suite of powerful new features, allowing users to create registration signup forms, sell tickets, track attendees, view reports, and more. The Events lister now offers the ability to separate events by month or year via a tag, and has the option to add a link to any month.

Freedom version 6.8 also addresses organizationsí donation management needs with the introduction of the brand-new Donations module, which allows companies to quickly and effectively create donation campaigns. The Donations module integrates with PayPal to easily collect payments, or can be used with Freedomís Commerce module. Additionally, the module tracks information on donors, and stores that information in Freedomís Membership module.

"Version 6.8 takes Freedom's customer-management capabilities to the next level," says Mark Zeitler, Chief Technology Officer of Accrisoft Corporation. "The new features in the Donations and Events modules allow companies to more effectively manage their programs and initiatives, saving them time and money. This version of Accrisoft Freedom is certainly the most powerful yet.Ē

Other enhancements in version 6.8 include the ability to release blog posts on specified dates, the ability to import blogs from TypePadís blogging service, support of asynchronous tracking with Google Analytics, and links to training videos in the Home module, allowing visitors to quickly access important user information and tips and tricks for using the software.
Freedom version 6.8 is available immediately through Accrisoft and its network of partners.

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