Accrisoft Announces Endeavor™ CRM

Published Monday, June 20, 2011 7:00 am

SARASOTA, Florida (June 19, 2011) – Accrisoft is proud to announce the re-branding of its customer relationship management product, now officially known as Accrisoft Endeavor™ CRM.

Originally called Accrisoft Business Tools™, this product has been used successfully for many years by resellers of Freedom™, Accrisoft’s content management system. Due to overwhelming market demand, Accrisoft is now offering the product as a stand-alone customer relationship management tool, rebranded as Endeavor™ CRM.

“To this point, we haven’t differentiated this as a truly separate piece of software,” said Mark Zeitler, Chief Technical Officer at Accrisoft. “Our resellers love the product, and over time we’ve gotten many requests from non-resellers who’d also like to use it. We want to make it available to everyone, and to show it in its best light, as a unique offering capable of competing with leading CRM systems.”

Endeavor™ is designed to help Accrisoft resellers and other companies improve processes and automate administrative tasks to better manage every stage in the website development life cycle. It supports lead tracking, billing, payment processing, invoicing, collections and support, simplifying every aspect of operating a successful web business.

Current users of Accrisoft Endeavor are enthusiastic about the product. “Accrisoft Endeavor is critical to operating our business effectively,” said Deb Knowles, Principal at Gray Swan Solutions, an Accrisoft reseller. “We use Endeavor every day for managing our customer contacts, billing, and support.”

Endeavor™ is now available from Accrisoft on a monthly subscription basis.

About Accrisoft Corporation:

Accrisoft develops Freedom™ CMS, a complete solution for building and managing dynamic, database-driven websites, and Endeavor™ CRM, a customer relationship management suite to help web development companies take control of their businesses by managing customers, servers, websites and billing information in one place. For more information about Accrisoft, visit or call (866) 980-6333.

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