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How Freedom Software™ Can Help Your Organization

Accrisoft has been serving the Jewish community for more than 20 years, providing domain expertise and a total software solution that empowers Jewish community centers (JCCs) to serve their members better. Our software spans across your organization's marketing, membership, sales, and finance departments, allowing your entire staff to work together on a single platform in perfect harmony. The unifying effect of Freedom™ removes productivity barriers and frees up your team to focus on organizational goals.

With Freedom™’s robust content management software (CMS) functionality, your organization can craft a beautiful, interactive website that serves your organizational needs and engages your members with news articles, blog posts, surveys/polls, audio/visual content, member-generated content, and more. You can keep your members up to date through email marketing, social media sharing tools, and RSS feeds. Further, our MMS provides your staff with the tools it needs to manage your members: build detailed member profiles, send emails to segmented groups, create registration forms, enable signups for programs and childcare, and more. 

Have a Problem? Accrisoft Freedom™ Provides the Solution.
  • Given that JCCs compete with other community/youth organizations, websites need to be attractive and feature accessible information.
  • Accrisoft provides excellent website designs focused on the user experience and the latest design trends. Our easy-to-use CMS gives you the freedom to update your website with the most current information at any time.
  • It is hard to find a technology partner that works in this underserved market and understands JCCs.
  • We are heavily involved in the JCC community and bring significant domain expertise and background knowledge of JCC operations to the table. We understand what you need and will work alongside you to achieve your goals.
  • An older system limits an organization’s online capabilities. It’s essential to stay on the technological forefront but difficult to keep up without a dedicated technology staff member.
  • We offer an all-in-one solution that empowers any staff member, even those with little-to-no technical expertise, to update your site seamlessly. Our dedicated team of developers constantly innovate and push automatic enhancements to your platform over the web, keeping your tech up to date.
  • Using many different software solutions can lead to fragmented, inaccessible data and poor integration between websites and membership systems. This can frustrate staff and members alike.
  • With Freedom Software™, all data and systems are fully integrated. This means that you can easily access data across all five applications, rendering day-to-day operation and user experiences painless.
  • JCCs are high-value targets for data breaches.
  • Our blockchain ledger technology keeps your organization’s and members’ data safe and secure.
Why Choose Us?

Accrisoft has been a leading provider of Jewish Community Center (JCC) websites for more than a decade. In addition to being a JCCA-preferred website vendor, Accrisoft currently serves more than 75 JCCs, including four of the largest in the country—Dallas (TX), Orange County (CA), Atlanta (GA), and Charlotte (NC). We also work with a variety of other Jewish organizations, including Young Men’s/Women’s Hebrew Associations, synagogues, Jewish Federations, Jewish Family Services agencies, and Hillels.  

We provide these organizations with a total software solution that empowers them to serve their members with excellence, and we share best practices across the industry. Our software spans across marketing, membership, sales, and finance departments, empowering JCC staffs to serve their communities’ needs.

Why We Work with this Market

With our 20-plus years of expertise and our total software solution, Accrisoft is uniquely equipped to meet the needs of JCCs and other organizations, regardless of size, and we have a passion for doing so. Our CEO/president has been heavily involved in community service and outreach and understands the value these organizations provide. We hope to continue innovating and meeting JCC needs. As a means of understanding those needs better, we attend every JCC conference and travel the nation to meet with our customers. 

To see some of the organizations we work with, check out our portfolio!

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