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Dealing with Older Browsers

If you’re part of a website development company, you’ve probably been through this experience at least once: while putting the finishing touches on a client’s website you get a call from the client saying that the site looks broken. You ask a few questions and realize they’re using a browser that’s a decade old.

People use antiquated browsers for many reasons, but in many cases they’re either comfortable with their browser of choice and don’t want to change, or they simply don’t know that a newer version is available.

The Website as an Investment

One of the primary problems that web developers face is selling to customers who aren’t used to paying very much for their websites. In many cases, a company pays just a few dollars per month for hosting and rarely makes updates, so convincing them to pay more money can be a challenge.

They know they need an upgrade, but often don’t realize what it really costs to build and maintain an effective, professional site. When they’re quoted a price, they view it as a prohibitive expense.

Consultative Selling

Consultative selling is combining products and services to craft solutions that meet a customer’s needs. In the web development industry, this means doing more than simply building a website for your client; it’s providing the services needed to ensure that it succeeds.

What Flavor is Your Website? (Or, Running Your Business Like an Ice Cream Shop)
My Favorite Things: 13 Website Design Elements

For Week 3 of My Favorite Things, I share my favorite website design elements for nonprofits.

User-friendly navigation for your chamber website

Web users shouldn’t need a compass to navigate your chamber of commerce website. Your website navigation design should be just as visible as the trail markers that guided me through Yellowstone.

Tackling Typography

When the perfect typeface match is made, sparks fly. But how do you find the two typefaces that are destined for each other – and appropriate for your chamber website?

4 best practices of chamber user interfaces

Your user interface design (UI) can make or break your chamber website. Done right, your User Interface will allow visitors to easily navigate through your site and gain quick access to your content – regardless of whether they are connecting with the 27-inch iMac or the latest Droid smartphone.

4 Web Elements to Consider Redesigning

When was the last time you picked up a paintbrush? Or a colored pencil? Or a Crayon? Unless you’re a designer or an artist (or the parent of a young child) chances are you spend the majority of your day planted in an office chair without these flair-inspiring tools.

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