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Intro to Social Media for Nonprofits

Summer of Social Media, Week 1: Follow along this summer for a fun and comprehensive blog series on social media marketing for nonprofits! The Summer of Social Media begins today.

Intro to LinkedIn for Nonprofits

Summer of Social Media, Week 2: Get acquainted with LinkedIn, the ultimate social media platform for accomplishing your nonprofit's B2B goals!

12 Steps to Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

Summer of Social Media, Week 3: Learn how to optimize your profile so you and your company will be more visible and have more success on LinkedIn.

How To Make Valuable Connections On LinkedIn

Summer of Social Media, Week 4: In the summer of 1967, Friend & Lover recorded their one hit wonder, "Reach Out Of The Darkness." Nearly half a decade later, their words still ring true. In this post, learn how to reach beyond your immediate LinkedIn network to connect with potential new customers, members, donors and vendors.

5 Steps to Optimizing Your Nonprofit's LinkedIn Company Page

Summer of Social Media, Week 5: An optimized LinkedIn Company Page provides your nonprofit with visibility on one of the Web's most popular business databases, as well as the opportunity the educate and inform your followers.

LinkedIn Groups for Nonprofits: The Beginner's Guide

Summer of Social Media, Week 6: Understand why LinkedIn Groups are such a valuable marketing tool, and learn how to join the right groups to accomplish your networking goals.

How Nonprofits Can Use LinkedIn Groups for Networking

Summer of Social Media, Week 7: Learn how to participate in LinkedIn Groups and connect with potential new members, donors, volunteers, board members and staff for your organization!

10 Steps To Creating Your Nonprofit's LinkedIn Group

Summer of Social Media, Week 8: Learn how to create an online gathering place for your nonprofit's supporters, members, donors, volunteers, employees and beneficiaries.

7 Best Practices for Advertising on LinkedIn

Learn why LinkedIn Ads is as appealing to a B2B organizations as a box of red (and only red) freezer pops is to a 10 year old on summer vacation.

6 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Google Plus

For many of us, Google Plus is a riddle wrapped up in an enigma. Today begins our journey to discover what, exactly, makes Google Plus so special.

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