Approving workflow items

May 11, 2014 6:45 pm

Once you have set up workflow groups, the system will automatically start the workflow process for users in the group. The workflow process works the following way:

  1. Users in a group with workflow add or change content.
  2. Users can then save the content by clicking the Apply Changes or Save button. The content is now locked and no other users can edit it.
  3. When the user is ready to submit the changes for approval, he or she enters comments in the Comments field and clicks the Submit for Approval button.
  4. The system automatically sends an email to the user specified as Editor 1 for the workflow group and changes ownership of the content to that editor. Note that the editor can also view all content awaiting his or her approval in the Workflow module on the Approve tab.
  5. The editor reviews the changes and either approves or rejects them.
    - If the editor is the last person to approve changes in the workflow, the editor clicks the Publish button to approve the changes and publish them to the live website.
    - If there is another editor in the approval process, the editor clicks Submit for Approval button to send the changes to the next editor for approval.
    - If the changes need to be returned to the original owner, the editor clicks the Reject Changes button and the content is sent back to the original user who made the changes. The user can then make additional changes and resubmit them for approval.