Troubleshooting: Syndication Module isn't working

May 26, 2014 6:52 pm

A custom module was created and I need to syndicate this information to an identical custom module on a networked site or another Freedom Website.

Problem 1:
Custom module has been set up. Data has been published via the Syndication module. Networked Site's Syndication Module has been Set Up and ready to Import. Data was to be manually processed by selecting the Process link in the Import tab. However, syndication did not happen.


  1. Go back to the Setup Tab and verify that all fields are correct.
  2. The ID Field must be correct or syndiation will not occur or the wrong information will be syndicated.

Problem 2:
The problem could also be related to the data imported via the Database tab. Records should be manually updated when syndicating.


  1. Open the site that is receiving the syndicated content.
  2. Process the content via the Import tab.
  3. Click the red Remove Content button.
  4. Finally click the "Retrieve Content Now" button.