Importing syndicated content

May 11, 2014 6:16 pm

The Import tab of the Syndication module lets you import syndicated content to modules in the Blue interface. The syndicated content source must be configured by the system administrator before you can import the content to a module. Once you set up a syndicated content source on the Import tab, you can import content to a module and have it appear as if the content was entered like any other content in that module.

All content you import can be imported to a single category in a module. Or you can import all the categories to keep the categories that are entered for the content and add those categories to the module. The module the content is imported to is configured by the system administrator when the syndicated content source is configured. This configuration matches content from the content source with fields in the module, so the content is formatted appropriately on the website. Note that if you import event information into the Events module, recurring events get imported as single events.

To import syndicated content, take the following steps:

  1. Identify the syndicated content you want to import. If this content is from an Accrisoft website, the content should be published through the Syndication module. If this content is from another source, it should be published through an XML feed.
  2. Have your system administrator configure the syndicated content for the website.
  3. Click the Syndication module.
  4. Click the Import tab.
  5. Click the Add a New Source button.
  6. In the Name field, enter a brief description of the syndicated content.
  7. In the Description field, enter a brief description of the syndicated content.
  8. From the Retrieval Interval dropdown list, select when you want to have the system import the syndicated content.
    - Manually: Imports content only when you click the Import link for a syndicated content source.
    - Hourly: Imports content every hour
    - Daily: Imports content once every day
  9. From the Feed Source dropdown list, select which syndicated content source you want to import. Note that this source must be configured by the system administrator before you can import content.
  10. From the Import to Category dropdown list, select the category you want to import the content to. Note that you can either import all the categories with the content by selecting the Import Categories option, or you can import the content to a single category by selecting the specific category from the dropdown list.
  11. Click the Save button to add the new source.
  12. To immediately import the syndicated content, click the Process link. The content is imported to the corresponding module and appears on the live website.