The Statistics Module compared to Google Analytics

May 26, 2014 6:47 pm

Google Analytics and the Accrisoft Statistics Module are very different. When using either, we recommend you look at trends; the trends should be similar over time, but if you are looking at actual numbers they will probably not match up. The Statistics Module parses the raw Apache log file whereas Google has a JavaScript tracking tool. Neither one is wrong, but how they obtain their data is very different and in both cases, assumptions are made that affect the results.

1.) Google works with Javascript, and some users have this disabled, and some bots don't follow it

2.) Google must be added manually to the pages and some pages may not have the Google notification code correctly embedded

3.) Google has sophisticated page hit analyzation software which aggregates user visits. Accrisoft has simple statistics tracking, and no sophisticated roll-ups

4.) Accrisoft statistics typically include administrative (Blue, Green) access as well.

5.) Accrisoft's raw stats are 100% accurate; it's really all in the way the data is interpreted. However, Google probably does a better "real-world" job of making the stats human readable.

6.) Many people making a good living interpreting and tweaking website statistics; there's real magic behind most of this. In the end, the most value information gained from user statistics are percentage trends over time.