Setting up the Statistics Module correctly

May 26, 2014 6:45 pm

The Statistics Module uses the Apache log files to populate the data on a nightly basis. The log file is populated with web traffic based on the domain the web visitor has navigated to so the site needs a valid domain name connected to it. For statistics to run the site must be set up with a domain name otherwise the log does not accumulate web traffic data.

1) Make sure that your site has a valid DNS records that is pointed to the proper IP address.
2) Go into your Green Interface
3) Click the Toolbar Module
4) Click Add a New Module
5) Click the Add button next to Statistics
6) Click Add

Once the Statistics Module has been activated you need to connect a domain name to the installation.

7) Click the Configuration Module in Green
8) Click Edit Next to the Site Host
9) Set up a new Domain Name. The system will not allow you to save unless the DNS has already been created as it does a check from the server to make sure that domain resolves to the servers ip address and the server is configured to resolve that domain to that installation. Example

For a Mobile Site:

1) First make sure your Statistics Module is Activated
2) Click the Configuration Module in Green
3) Click Edit Next to the Site Host
4) Needs to be a valid domain name. Example

Note: ( is not a valid domain name. The system will still use the domain name for the parent site, will cause your Statistics module to not populate, as the data will be populated in the main site's statistics. Remember the log file is based on the domain name so to have separate statistics you need a separate domain name. )

5) Point a DNS record to the IP like
6) Accrisoft would then set up the server by adding a virtual host that points that to the /mo directory on the server.

Once this process has been completed it may take 24-48 hours for the Statistics to start appearing.