Changing Website Configuration Settings

May 11, 2014 5:14 pm

The Configure Website section of the Quick Start module lets you change the configuration settings for the website. These settings include setting your email address and password, as well as configuring which modules are turned off or on. The email address and password field correspond with the user that is currently logged into the Blue interface. The modules that you can configure for the website depend on the site design, which is configured by your system administrator.

Email Address
The Email Address lets you change the email address that corresponds to your user ID when you log into the Blue administration interface. This email address is also used on many forms in the forms module.

Change Administrative Password
The Change Administrative Password field lets you change your password to log into the Blue administration interface. When you change your password, you will need to enter this password the next time you log into the system. Note that if you need to change your user name (ID), you will need to contact your system administrator.

The password you enter should not be:

  • Shorter than five characters long
  • Found in the dictionary
  • A word or number that is easily guessed, such as a family memberís name, phone number, address, or birthday.

Ideally, you password should contain both letters and numbers.

The Modules section lets you turn modules on or off for the website. Note that this does not turn off features in the Blue interface; it simply removes the feature from the live website. For example, if the module options include a calendar item and an event list item, you can turn off the event calendar on the live website but still use the event list.

Apply Changes button
The Apply Changes button saves any changes you made to the site configuration and also refreshes the live website browser window so you can see the changes. If you do not click the Apply Changes button, not of the changes you make to the configuration will be saved.