Wiki Introduction

May 11, 2014 4:49 pm

The Wiki module allows you to host a wiki on your website: a series of pages that visitors may create or modify themselves. Wikis, named after the Hawaiian word for "fast," are a popular way to display data on a website.

Rather than simply presenting static data to your visitors, a wiki allows them to add information themselves. This interactivity encourages visitor participation and multiple returns to the site, as well as positioning your site as an interactive information portal, combining the knowledge or opinions of many people into one place. The Wiki module also allows for discussions of each active page, and viewing of the history of edits, along with comments from each person who made a change.

Wikis are effective in a variety of settings, including company intranets, bulletin boards, encyclopedias and help documentation. While the wiki itself appears on your live website, the Blue interface provides a good control panel for administrative tasks, including modifying or deleting entries, making pages inactive or locked, adding categories for pages, viewing and editing discussions and viewing each page's history.

Click Here to watch the Wiki Module Overview video