May 17, 2014 4:55 pm

A restricted web page is a web page that requires a visitor to log in through the Membership module before being able to view the content of the web page. You use categories/groups of members in the Membership module to restrict access so that all the members in a membership category will be able to login with his/her username and password to access the restricted content.

This procedure will require Green access and will require you to create a new display type in the Page Layouts module that you can apply to web pages, forms, categories, module layouts, and entire modules to restrict access to that part of the website.

Note that there are other methods to restrict accesss to a web page, but the following method is the easiest and most flexible so that it can be used to restict access to other content or modules of the website. It also helps ensure that the other content and formatting of the page does not display browser security warnings or errors when a visitor logs in to view the page.

To set up a restricted web page:

  1. If it is not already turned on, turn on the Membership module from the Toolbar module of the Green interface.
  2. From the Blue interface, go to the Membership module.
  3. Click the Restriction tab at the top of the page.
    Click the Add a new Restriction button.
  4. Enter a Name and Description for the new restriction.
  5. If you would like to include the option so that the member can be logged in for a period of time before having to log in again, select Yes from the Remember Me Option dropdown.
  6. If you would like to include the option to reset a forgotton password when logging in, select Yes from the Forgot Password Option dropdown.
  7. Save the new Restriction.
  8. Click the Categories tab at the top of the page.
  9. Create or edit the membership category/group that will be able to access the restricted content.
  10. On the Category details, under Restrictions, select the checkbox of the restrict you created in step 5.
  11. Save the category changes.
  12. You can add members that will be able to access the restricted content to the category now or at any later time.
  13. Switch back to the Green interface and go to the Page Layouts module.
  14. Create or copy the page layout you want to display with the restricted content.

    Note: Usually, this page layout may be a copy of the Default page layout so you can simply create a new page layout and insert the Default page layout code to copy the Default page layout without having to manage or make changes to the layout if changes are required at a later time.

  15. Edit the page layout you will use for the restricted display type.
  16. At the bottom of the page, select the Make this page layout a Display Type checkbox.
  17. From the Membership Access drop-down, select the restriction you set up in step 5 of this procedure.
  18. If you want to display a different display type when the visitor logs in, select that display type from the Login Display Type dropdown,
  19. However, unless the restricted display type includes other embedded content that should not be visible until the visitor logs in, you can leave this option set to (This Page).
  20. Save the new display type.
  21. Switch back to the Blue interface and go to the Web Pages module.
  22. Create or edit the page you want to restrict access to.
  23. From the Display Type dropdown, select the display type you created in this procedure.

    Note: Do not use the Membership Access dropdown under Membership of the web page as this is an older feature that has limited and usually confusing set up and functionlonality.

  24. Save the webpage.

Now, when a visitor tries to view this webpage, a login box will appear and the visitor will need to log in before being able to view the content of the page. Note that you can also restrict access to any content that you can apply a display type to. This includes, forms in the Forms module, categories in most modules, module layouts in the Green interface, and entire modules from the Green interface.