Changing the HURL structure

Dec 17, 2015 11:25 am

If the default Web Pages HURL structure is changed from [[category]]/[[title]] to just [[title]], will the change affect all previously published pages and new pages, or just new pages?

Dec 18, 2015 11:22 am

I had no idea what the answer to this question was, but it got me curious too so I started messing around with my site. Here's what I figured out:

I changed my HURLs from [[category]]/[[title]] to just [[title]] Then I tried loading my original HURL: It still loaded.

I tried the new HURL: and it loaded as well.

In the Green domains references I now have two references set to dynamic.

This leads me to believe Google will see these HURLs as duplicate content (which is something I would not want). So I tried testing the button in Green Tools that says "clear HURL cache" and I still see both of them. Toggled HURLS to No and back to Yes. Still see both of them.

My conclusion: Unless you want to clear the old HURLs out manually, or someone knows a way to set those to stale or unused, I would avoid changing this after HURLs are created just to avoid the duplicate content URLs for your old items. If you don't have a lot of old items, and don't care, I made a new webpage and it only created a HURL using the new setup ( [[title]] ).

Hope my messing around helped answer your question, and if anyone knows how to clear out old unwanted HURLs please feel free to chime in.

Dec 18, 2015 1:14 pm

So what you're saying is the CMS is assigning every piece of content with the category/title path two different HURLs. If I try hard, I can imagine the logic that would allow this, but (to put it in the least colorful way possible) it seems a bit silly. Of course making category/title the default is a bit silly, too. Someone should update the documentation on Understanding the need to put a webpage in a category.

Dec 18, 2015 3:02 pm

It seems to be assigning all new HURLs after you change the settings while keeping the old ones. New sites only use the new setup. You can check what HURLs are being assigned in the Domains Module under "References" if you want to do some testing yourself.

Personally I use the category to add an extra keyword for SEO since I know it will be used in the HURL, but you can always change the defaults before turning HURLs on the first time. I can kind of understand the logic of not wanting to delete a bunch of HURLs and kill someone's existing google search sites if they change their HURL settings, but I think I will just avoid changing those settings in the future since my site is live and I don't want my pages having double URLs.

Also, it would be awesome if someone could chime in about how to clear out old unwanted HURLs? While testing I just created a bunch of duplicates and couldn't figure out how to remove them. I made a site backup before my tests and am planning on just restoring that to revert, but other people might not be so fortunate.

Dec 18, 2015 3:52 pm

Hello Eatinbugs and Kalis,

You are correct that when changing HURL settings the old HURLs are not deleted. This is because of book marked URLs, Google search results, links in old emails, etc.

If you wish to remove old links so that google does not see them as duplicate content you can use Green > Domains > Shortcuts and point old URLs with the Category to new URLs without as 301 redirects.

I am creating a feature request on your account for a tool which allows the deletion of old or unwanted HURLs by green users. I am also going to update the other forum post mentioned by Eatinbugs to reflect the fact that newer versions of Freedom use the category by default in HURLs.

Thank you for your feedback and questions, please let us know if you have any additional concerns.