Which modules are dependent on other modules

May 26, 2014 4:01 pm

Each of the listed modules below rely on another module to function properly. The below list identifies most of the modules that require the use of another module in order to work as designed:

  • Commerce: Forms or a custom module directory configured for commerce
  • Donations: Membership, Commerce, Forms
  • Groups: Google
  • Payments: Membership and Commerce
  • Projects: Membership
  • Registration: Membership, Email Marketing, Forms, and Reports
  • Sales: Membership
  • SBA: Membership and Events
  • Surveys: Forms, Reports, and Email Marketing
  • Workflow: Security

Note that some modules can be configured to work together, such as a custom directory of products tied to individual members in the Membership module, but they do not require another module unless you are using specific functionality in a module that ties the two modules together.