Selecting a winning bid for a project

May 3, 2014 1:31 pm

This step cannot be completed until somebody has placed a bid on one of your projects. When the due date arrives for a project, you can select a winner from among the bidders, and then contact the winning bidder's contact person from the information gathered during the bidding process.

To select a winning bid within the Blue interface, take the following steps:

  1. Click on the Projects tab.
  2. View the list of projects and find the project for which you'd like to select a winning bidder, then click the Bids link next to its title. This will bring up a listing of all the bids that have been made on the project. Make sure that at least one bid has been made, or you cannot select a winner.
  3. Click the Back button at the bottom of the screen. This will return you to the list of projects.
  4. Click the Edit link next to the same project you selected before.
  5. From the Bid Winner dropdown list, select the winner from the list of companies that have bid on the project.
  6. Click Save. This will return you to the list of projects.
  7. Open the Statistics tab, then click to open the Bids subtab. Find the vendor who set you as the winning bidder. The number of "Bids Won" will have increased by one.
  8. To contact the winning bidder, return to the Projects tab and click the Bids link again corresponding with the same project.
  9. Find the winning bidder in the list and click the Edit link next to the bidder's name. The screen will display the member's contact information and any private notes that may have been entered. With this information, you can contact the winning bidder.