Viewing project statistics

May 3, 2014 1:29 pm

The Statistics tab of the Proposals module displays information pertaining to projects listed on the website. Information is organized and displayed by projects, owners, or bids. Each view corresponds with one of the subtabs near the top of the screen.

The Projects subtab displays all of the projects that have been created and lists the number of times each has been viewed on the live websites, as well as how many times each has been bid on. To view projects that took place during a single month or year, select one from the Month or Year dropdowns. Views list the number of times a visitor to the live website has clicked on a project to see more information. Bids list the number of times a visitor chose to bid on each project.

The Owners subtab displays all of the owners of all projects. If owners have been set while creating or editing projects, they will appear on this screen. Each owner (including a blank if projects exist with no owner) is shown, as well as the number of projects belonging to him or her.

Additionally, the number of these projects that are pending, open, and closed appear. Pending projects are those that are scheduled to open in the future.

The Bids subtab displays all of the companies that have placed a bid on one of the projects on the website. This screen displays how many total bids each company has made, how many bids are still open, and how many bids have won.