Podcast Setup Tutorial

Jan 14, 2016 11:20 am


The Podcast module allows you to distribute streaming media using syndication feeds. Podcasts can be streamed or downloaded by website visitors, and played on home computers or mobile devices. Podcasts can be played in Apple™ iTunes™, and users can subscribe to a podcast and automatically receive updates as they are made available. The Podcast module allows you to transmit many audio, video and text formats, including .mp3, .m4a, .m4v, .mov and .pdf.

Setup the Podcast Channel:

1) Open Podcast > Channels > Click on the "Add a new Channel" Button
2) Give your Podcast Channel a Title, Description, and Fill out the iTunes Meta Data > Save

Create a Podcast Item:

1) In the Podcast Module go to the "Items" tab > Click the "Add a new Item" Button
2) Choose the Channel you want the item to be added to
3) Give the item a Title
4) Click on the Select button to select a File > Upload the Audio File if you haven't aleady > Save
5) Fill in the Rest of the Fields with to your liking

How to Subscribe and Play your Podcasts in iTunes (for newer versions of iTunes):

1) In the Podcast Module, click on the Title of the Channel to get your Podcast RSS Link:

2) Copy the Contents of the Pop-up > Build your Link by prepending the Site's Primary Domain (or Default asoft URL) to what you just copied. For example:


3) Open Apple iTunes > In the File Menu Choose > File > Subscribe to a Podcast

4) Enter in the URL you created for your Podcast Destination > Click OK


Congrats! You're done!

Now you will see your Podcasts show up in iTunes each time you refresh the channel and new items are added within Freedom. If you need further assistance reply to this post and someone will assist you as soon as possible.