Adding new Photo Album categories

May 3, 2014 12:23 pm

Photo album categories help organize and group photo albums to easily add, edit, and update photos.

To add a photo album category:

  1. Click on the Categories tab in the Photo Album module.
  2. Click on the Add a new Category button.
  3. In the New Category field, enter a unique and descriptive name for the new category.
  4. Select a Display Type to assign the location of the album category, if relevant. Display types will be set by the site administrator.
  5. If you want a graphic to appear instead of the category name when site visitors view the category, click the Choose File button in the Upload Image field. Select the image you want to use for the category. When you upload an image, it will replace the category name on some screens when a visitor views the photo album information. This means that the image used for the category should either contain text or adequately describe the category. Also note that you still need to enter a descriptive name for the category because you select a category under the Albums tab using the category name.
  6. Click Save.