Setting up the Blue Text Editor

Apr 27, 2014 1:28 pm

The Green Configuration Module gives you the ability to customize the WYSIWYG Text Editor seen throughout the Blue interface.

You can access these settings in the Configuration module's Editor tab.

From there, you'll see options to show/hide several icons from the Text Editor's toolbar, a way to change the Editor's background color (to match the live website's color) and a setting for auto-creating HTML paragraph tags when a user presses Return.

Finally, there's a place to upload a custom .js file for customizing the Text Editor, but this is not recommended, as it may no longer work on upgrade, and Accrisoft cannot provide support for it. Please use this only if absolutely necessary.

To further customize the Blue Text Editor with custom styles, see the Adding Blue Styles topic of the Stylesheets module to learn more.