Naming conventions

Apr 27, 2014 1:14 pm

Synchronized items will sometimes appear differently in the two programs:

Freedom: Display Name - QuickBooks: Description*
Freedom: SKU - QuickBooks: Name
Freedom: Price - QuickBooks: Price*

*if the QuickBooks product is an Inventory type, the fields used to sync are "Sales Description" and "Sales Price."

Freedom: Discount - QuickBooks: (Product Name)-discount
Freedom: Coupon (applied to a specific item) - QuickBooks: (Product Name)-coupon
Freedom: Coupon (generic) - QuickBooks: RBT-OtherDiscounts
Freedom: Gift card - QuickBooks: RBT-OtherDiscounts
Freedom: Surcharge - QuickBooks: (Product Name)-surcharge

Shipping & Tax:
Freedom: Tax - QuickBooks: RBT-CalculatedTax
Freedom: Shipping - QuickBooks: RBT-Shipping

If member logins are required to make purchases in Freedom, members' names will be taken from the membership records created.

If member logins are not required, member stubs will be created in the Membership Module and QuickBooks using the following format:

(Order ID) (Last name) (First name)
i.e. 201109210001 Jones Bob

Renaming Products

  • If you rename a product in QuickBooks, nothing will happen on the Freedom side. The names will no longer be the same, but the products will still be linked together.
  • If you rename a SKU in Freedom, a new product will be created in QuickBooks on the next sync if it's part of a new order.