Apr 27, 2014 1:12 pm

To synchronize between the two programs, launch FreedomLink and click on the large blue button that says Click Here To Synchronize.

When synchronization takes place, new items will be created in QuickBooks or Freedom:

Freedom to QuickBooks
If new orders were added to Freedom before synchronization, these will now appear in QuickBooks, along with the products that were ordered and customers who placed the orders.

On synchronization, the SKU of the product ordered from Freedom will be created in QuickBooks as a new "Service" item.

To specify what account the new item will be assigned to in QuickBooks, go to the Green Interface's Toolbar Module, edit Billing and locate the Accounts section.

New items in Freedom
It is recommended that you only create products in Freedom and sync to QuickBooks. However, you can sync in the opposite direction as well, if needed. Only the following QuickBooks item types will sync:

  1. Service
  2. Inventory part
  3. Inventory assembly

When an item is created in Freedom, it will be created as the Service type in QuickBooks. If you need the item to be one of the other types, you must create the item in QuickBooks first, then sync to Freedom.

Linking Products
If you created products in QuickBooks, when you sync, you'll have to go into Freedom and link these new products to existing ones in Freedom or create new ones. You do this by going to Billing > QuickBooks > Items in Freedom and clicking on the Link Items button. For each QuickBooks item in the list, you can select an action in the drop-down menu. One option is to link the item to an existing Freedom product. Another is to "Create on next sync," which will create the product in Freedom the next time you run FreedomLink.

If you only have one commerce-enabled directory, the products that you set to "Create on next sync" will automatically be created there. However, if you have more than one, there will be a drop-down menu at the top of the screen where you can determine which directory the new products will be added to.

Once the new products are added, they won't have a category or be visible on the live website. Edit each one and add all the relevant information to it.