Sending email campaigns to expired members

May 26, 2014 3:10 pm

If you're actively using Freedom's Membership module, there may be times when it is useful to send email campaigns to those whose memberships have already expired. For example, as part of a member retention strategy, you could send an email campaign to all expired members offering a 10% discount if they renew their membership using the link provided in the campaign email, and setup the link to direct them to a special membership renewal form that gives them the discount.

To configure an email campaign to send only to expired members:

  1. Edit the desired campaign
  2. Scroll to the 'Distribution List' section
  3. Click the blue button labeled 'Edit Conditions'
  4. In the first dropdown that appears, select "Include"
  5. In the second dropdown, select "membership:expiration_date"
  6. In the third droipdown, select the "less than" symbol, "<"
  7. In the text box that appears, type "-1" (without the quotes)
  8. Click the green button labeled 'Add Query'
  9. You should now see the condition you specified listed in the table on the screen
  10. Click the blue 'Back' button near the bottom

That's it! You've just completed the process of configuring an email campaign to send only to email addresses of those with expired membership accounts.