Restricting a web page for Members Only

May 26, 2014 2:55 pm

How do I restrict a web page?

Web pages and other Freedom content are restricted using the Membership Module. To restrict a web page, you must first set up the Membership Module and turn on a restriction.

  1. Go to the Blue Interface.
  2. Open the Membership Module.
  3. Click the Restrictions tab.
  4. Add a new Restriction.
  5. Next, click the Categories sub tab.
  6. Add a new Category.
    a) Enter in your desired Name.
    b) Allow access to: (Select your desired Restriction)
    c) Set up any further setting.
  7. Make sure to set your Members to the desired Category. Members assigned to this category will have access to the restricted web page.

Now its time to Restrict your Web Page:

  1. Go to the Green Interface.
  2. Switch to the Layouts Module, Pages tab.
  3. Either create a new display type, page layout, or copy an existing display type that will be used to display the restricted content.
  4. In the display type, at the bottom of the page, set the Membership access drop-down menu to the Restriction you just created.
  5. If you want to show this display type for the login when accessing the restricted content, select "This Page" for the Login Display Type. But, if you have content in this display type that should only be visible to a member that has logged in, select a different display type, such as the Default display type for the login.
  6. Click save.
  7. Go to the Blue Interface.
  8. Switch to the Web Pages Module
  9. Edit your exitsting web page or add a new web page
  10. In the "Display Type" field, select the display type that has the restriction you've created
  11. Click Save