Adding fields to the new Membership Tab

Apr 27, 2014 12:12 pm

To add fields to the new membership tab:

  1. Click the Edit button next to the name of the newly‐created Membership tab.
  2. A new window will appear with settings for the new tab. Click the Fields subtab, which is just to the right of Configuration.
  3. The fields that will be visible on this tab appear. Note that if you selected the default template, there will be two fields visible here: "Name" and "Category."
  4. Click the Add a new Field button.
  5. Enter a Unique ID for the field. This is an internal system value.
  6. Enter a Label for this field. This is the label that Blue users and members will see when entering information.
  7. Select an input type for the field:
    a. Text is a simple text field that a single line of text can be entered into
    b. Textarea is a text field that allows for multiple lines of text
    c. Editor is a field that allows users to enter text with the WYSIWYG Text Editor
    d. Image is a field that lets users upload or select an image to display within the module
    e. Checkbox is a field that users can use to select information using a checkbox
    f. File is a field that contains a file
  8. Enter size options for the field. The options, such as Length, vary depending on the input type selected in the previous step.
  9. For Sort Order, provide a number to order fields of the tab. Fields will be ordered numerically according to the numbers entered into this field. If this is to be the first field, enter a 1 in this field.
  10. In the Required Field checkbox, specify whether or not the field will be required for members to fill out. If required, the page cannot be saved or submitted without the member or user having filled out this field.
  11. When finished entering field information, click the Save button.
  12. Add additional fields as needed.