Editing rules for using Global Tags with recurring Events

May 26, 2014 1:09 pm

Beginning in v8.5.001 of Freedom CMS, support for use of Global Tags with recurring Events has been added. Below are some rules to reference when making use of them:

  1. When adding a new recurring Event series, any Globals Tags specified in the configuration are applied across all individual Events in the series.
  2. When editing a single recurring Event, the same save rules apply as a non-recurring Event, so you can set Global Tags individually per Event.
  3. When editing an entire series of recurring Events, upon saving, any Global Tags specified will be applied across all Events in the series (CAUTION: this will overwrite any Global Tags individually set for a single Event in the series).
  4. When deleting recurring Events in series or individually, associated Global Tags are also removed.
  5. Copying a recurring Event will also copy the associated Global Tags, if any.