Setting up Global Tags

Apr 27, 2014 11:52 am

Click here to watch a video introduction about Global Tags.

Global tags can be made available to the following modules:

  • Blog
  • News Articles
  • Events
  • Web Pages
  • Custom Modules (Custom Directories), including product catalogs

To enable global tags:

  1. In Green, go to the Configuration module
  2. Locate and edit the Global Tag Types setting
  3. Here you can name each tag type, and add more as needed. For example, you may want a tag type called "subject" and another called "author," so you can tag your modules in two ways.
  4. When you're finished configuring tag types, click Save.
  5. Switch to the Blue Interface and open one of the modules listed above.
  6. Edit or create an item. A Global Tags section should now be visible where you can add tags.