Show a List of All Web Pages With Specific Tags

Jan 11, 2016 12:16 pm

Using the Tags > Results > Module layouts you can create a page (build a URL) that lists all Web Pages that have a specific tag. Here's how to accomplish this:

Green > Layouts > Modules > Add a New Module Layout > Filter by Tags > Add a Tags "Default Tag Results View" Layout

Note: The "Number of Results per page" must be set to (All Items)

In the Item section you will want to add an <if> statement to target the Web Pages Module:

<if ([[module]] == 'Web Pages')>
    <a href="[[detail_url]]" alt="[[title]]">[[title]]</a>

In the Repeat Section put something like this (example):


In the Body Section put something like this (example):

<div class="container pad-b col-xs-12">
    <div class="row clearset">
        <if ([[count]] > 0)>Matches for "[[user_query]]"<else>No matches found for "[[user_query]]"</if>
        <ul style="margin-top: 40px;">

Building the URL to show Results

Now that you have created your Module Layout you need to build the URL to display the Results:


Note: The "src=" must be "src=markers" the "srctype=" value will be the name of the Tags Results layout you created. The "mrkrs=" value will be the tag that you want to be used to generate the list of Web Pages that include the specified tag.