Setting up recurring payments in the Donations Module

Apr 27, 2014 11:40 am

Using a custom directory, you can set up recurring payments. This can be done with any of the options above that make use of a Freedom form.

  1. Create a Custom Directory. See the Custom Directory reference for more information.
  2. In the directory's configuration settings, make sure that Use SKU, weight, and description fields for E-commerce cart integration is checked.
  3. You only need the basic Name field.
  4. Switch to Blue and add items to the new directory. Each item will have a SKU subtab, where you can set a price and determine whether it's recurring and how often it should recur.
  5. Finally, these directory items can be added to the total_payment field you created when building the form. The option must be a combobox, and the internal value of each option should be the SKU you created for each directory item. For example, one line of the options list might be: 25_donation, $25 Donation,25, where "25_donation" is the SKU of the directory item.