Donations Module Setup

Apr 27, 2014 11:30 am

Modules to Turn On
The Donations, Forms and Commerce Modules should be turned on. Optionally, a custom directory can be used for recurring donations. (See below for more information.)

The JQuery Include Widget
For the Donations Module to work correctly on the live website, you should add the JQuery Include tag to the <head> section of all page layouts that will be displaying content from the Donations Module. To add this tag:

  1. In Green, go to the Layouts Module, Widgets tab.
  2. Click Add a new Widget.
  3. Select the "JQuery Include" widget.
  4. Name and save the widget.
  5. Switch to the Pages tab.
  6. Edit the page layout that contains the HTML <head> section of pages where the Donations Module will display. This may be the [Default] page layout, or maybe one called [Header].
  7. Insert the new widget into the <head> section and save the page.