Using the Sort field in a lister

May 18, 2014 9:28 pm

The Sort Field is a powerful feature that allows you to arrange and organize your information by a specific field, or multiple fields.

To sort, use the unique id of the fields you want to sort by. If you need to sort by multiple fields, use unique ids seperated by a comma. You can use DESC to sort in descending order. Also, RANDOM and RANDOM_EVEN_DISTRIBUTION will randomize the items or randomize, but don't show an item twice until all have been shown.

Example: Let's say there is a list of businesses and these businesses can be marked as "featured" from the Blue Interface - (misc1):

Using the sort field, this list can begin with featured items alphabetized, followed by an alphabetized list of non-featured business. In this case, the sort field would look like:

misc1 DESC, name

The first part (mis1 DESC) will put the featured items first in DESC order, then sort the rest by name.