Solution: Custom Module Search does not work in Blue

May 18, 2014 9:05 pm

If you are in the Blue Interface trying to search within a custom module and you do not see any results when you search, you may not have configured the custom module properly in the Green interface. The search functionality of a custom module uses the Display Name field of the module to determine which fields are searchable in the Blue interface. Only Display Name fields are searchable in the Blue interface.

Note that this Display Name field is sometimes used to display content on the web site so be sure to check your module layout html to ensure that you any changes you make to the Display Name field do not affect the content on the live site.

To configure the Display Name field:

  1. Go to the Green interface.
  2. Click the Toolbar module.
  3. Edit the Custom Module/Directory you want to configure.
  4. At the bottom of the Configuration subtab, in the Display Name field, enter the field names of the fields that you want to make searchable from the Blue interface. Note that each field name should be entered on a separate line. For example:
  5. Save the changes and test in the Blue interface.