Adding a filter or search to a membership or custom module lister

May 18, 2014 8:43 pm

Filter and search options can make a website visitor's experience much better when browsing a large list of directory or membership items. Adding filters is a very quick and easy process with Accrisoft Freedom.

The process for adding search or filter options for a Custom Module and Membership are the same. Here are the steps to add a search to a Custom Module lister.

  1. In the Green Interface > Layouts Module > Module Layouts Tab, filter for the appropriate module layouts.
  2. If necessary, Add a new Search layout for your directory by clicking the "Add a New Search Layout" button in the Module Layouts list.
  3. Edit a search layout.
  4. Give your layout a name if necessary (Recommended at you start all your Module Layout names with the name of the module. I.e. "membership_search" or "blog_category_lister"
  5. Search layouts allow conditions for searching. Create a new condition for your search.
  6. The FIELD LIST is a list of fields within the module that will be search. To enter a field to be searched, start with the field id (i.e. misc6, name, category, etc) followed by the name you see on the live site. If I want to search for categories, I would type "category,Category". If I want to be able to search by my custom field, I would type "misc#, Last Name".
  7. Then select an OUTPUT METHOD. For more information on OUTPUT METHODS, see the article on output methods...
  8. Create the html in the item section. You will want to include which is the value after the comma in the FIELD LIST and the which how one will search (textbox, drop down, etc).
  9. Finally, Save the layout and add it to a lister within that module.

You can also watch our training video on creating search layouts in the Accrisoft Ecosystem.