Custom Directory : Creating two member specific item Listers

Sep 17, 2015 12:37 pm

So let’s say you have a single Custom Directory, and you want User A to only see items in one category, and User B only see items in another category, when pulling up a lister for the Custom Directory.

To do this you will need the following Modules:
Membership, Web Access, Your Custom Directory, Display Types and Module Layouts

First let’s create two users in Orange > Membership: Championtest in a category Champion and Membertest in a category called Members

Second, Let’s create two Catergories in our Custom Directory “Custom Products”, Members and Champions. These will be indicitive of which members can access the items in the Module.

Next we created two items “ Champion Item” and “Member Product” and set them to the appropriate category.

Next we’ll need to set up our two members to test with, and the appropriate categories.

Now that the basics are set up we will need to create the restrictions and build the restricted module listers
Go to Blue > Web Access > Restricttions create the retriction names and the set the Member Categories to the correct one in the Member Categories Tab

Now we need to create the Display Types, that are restricted to each member category in Green > Layouts > Display Types > List > Add new Display Type. In this case, we based it off of the default Framework for the site.
Since we have already created the Web Access retriction we will set up the display type, like normal, making sure to select the restriction.

We will then need to save , and repeat this for the Members Restricted page

Next go to Green > Layouts> Modules > find the Directory (Custom Products) and copy the [Lister] twice. We will then rename the Copy, set the filter to only show items in the specific category, and change the lister display type to use our restricted member on from the previous step.

We’ll then save and repeat the process for the Member specific catalog.

Now when the User Champion goes to the front end of the site and logs in, if they click a link, or menu item, etc. and navigate to the Member restricted lister , nothing will display and they will be asked to login. But if they then navigate to the CustomProducts_Champion lister they will then see the list with the item “Champion Item” displayed.

Note: The default [Lister], since it is not restricted will allow both users to see everything in all categories for the Custom Directory. If we wanted to keep the two user’s products invisible from one another we would then create a back up of the default lister and delete the original.