How to Configure Mandrill with Freedom

Sep 11, 2014 2:07 pm

Mandrill is the primary recommended Email Delivery mechanism for Freedom websites. Some packages require Mandrill in order for email marketing and form email notifications to be sent.

Here is how you setup Mandrill with your Freedom Website:

1) Visit $2 and sign up for your Free Mandrill account.

2) Login into your Mandrill Account you created in step (1) -> $2

3) In your Freedom Site go to: Green > Configuration edit SMTP Email Address, SMTP Outgoing Mail Server, & SMTP Password fields with the proper Credentials found in your Mandrill Account.

To get the proper credentials: Go to Mandrill Account > Settings > SMTP & API Info > There you will find the following:

SMTP Outgoing Mail Server (Host) - This will ALWAYS be ->
SMTP Username - Email Configured with Mandrill
SMTP Password - Valid API Key

If you do not have a Valid Key Generated click on the Add API Key button to generate a new key.

Once you enter in the proper credentials in Green > Configuration the site will now be configured with Mandrill.

Nov 3, 2014 11:48 am

I have Mandrill configured properly, but I'm not receiving email notifications?

If you have your Mandrill account all configured and you are still not receiving Email notifications is it likely because the site is not configured with a "Website Email Address" located in Green > Configuration.

When you have a site configured with Mandrill it must have a Website Email Address configured.

Go to > Green > Configuration > Edit "Website Email Address" > Enter in the Email Address used with the Mandrill Account.

Jan 26, 2016 2:27 pm

Mandrill Update: New steps to Verify Domain

Recently Mandrill made some changes on how you setup your account to use with Freedom to sent emails from your website. Now, Mandrill requires you verify your Primary Domain as well as your Email Address. Below is a link to their Support Page for information on how to Verify your Domain:

Mandrill Domain Verification Support